The Body Shop Indonesia

PROFILE The Body Shop Indonesia The Body Shop is a global manufacturer and retailer of nature-inspired and ethically produced beauty products. Founded in England in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick. Currently, The Body Shop is in 61 countries, one of which is Indonesia. The Body Shop Indonesia is consistent in carrying out programs to contribute […]

Yagi Natural

PROFILE Yagi Natural Yagi Forest, under a company Yagi Natural Indonesia, is the first Forest Personal Care brand with Bio-essential Technology in Indonesia. Yagi strives to create non-toxic organic products that are sourced directly from Indonesia’s abundant natural resources and are rich in benefits. Yagi Natural Indonesia has promoted a reuse program to help its […]

EcoRefill Siba Klasik

PROFILE EcoRefill Siba Klasik EcoRefill is a refill shop for household soap and zero-waste products. Founded in February 2024 by the SIBA KLASIK zero waste village, Sidokumpul Village, Gresik District, Gresik Regency, East Java, which is an assisted area of ​​the Zero Waste Cities program by ECOTON. This shop aims to introduce a refillable soap […]


PROFILE Pokka-Refillin Pokka-Refillin is a shop that implements a refill sales system and zero-waste products. Founded in 2020 by the ECOTON (Ecological Conservation and Wetland Observation) in Wringinanom Village, Wringinanom District, Gresik Regency. The aim of establishing Pokka-Refillin is to introduce a purchasing system without single-use plastic packaging and increase public interest in this purchasing […]


PROFILE TAKSU Reuse TAKSU Reuse is an Indonesian social enterprise that empowers people to reduce single-use waste during social events. Established in 2018, TAKSU provide utensils (cups, forks, plates, etc.) through leasing and Deposit-Refund Scheme (DRS) solutions. TAKSU service covers the distribution of utensils, cleaning, inspection, and assessing the waste reduction impact achieved through the […]

Toko Cura’ Divers Clean Action

PROFILE Toko Cura’ Divers Clean Action Toko Cura’ is a “Reuse and Refill” business model developed by Divers Clean Action (DCA) in the Thousand Islands, Jakarta since 2022. This program is promoted by DCA to help shops in the Thousand Islands to reduce the use of single-use plastic by providing products -daily necessities products through […]

BALIKIN by Langit Biru Pertiwi

PROFILE BALIKIN by Langit Biru Pertiwi BALIKIN is a reusable cup service provider serving music festivals, sporting events and any large-scale events that formerly use single-use plastic cups. In Indonesia, BALIKIN also means to return. A simple verb that educates the general public about the reusable system. Not just cups, we also strive to implement […]


PROFILE Siklus Siklus is a start-up business in Indonesia that provides an alternative to replacing sachet packaging with products in packaging that can be used repeatedly. Siklus, founded in 2020, is a place where consumers can shop for their favorite household products without plastic packaging and at a more affordable price. Siklus’s mission is to […]

Zero Waste Living Lab by Enviu

PROFILE Zero Waste Living Lab by Enviu Enviu is an international impact venture-building studio. Together with partners, Enviu builds world-changing companies that address social and environmental issues and drive failing markets toward an economy that serves people and the planet. In Indonesia, Enviu’s program is called Zero Waste Living Lab (ZWLL), in which the venture […]

Hepi Circle

PROFILE Hepi Circle Hepi Circle is a social enterprise that provides good quality products for daily needs in reusable packaging. Hepi Circle, which was founded in 2017, prioritizes a packaging in an exchange system, so that it becomes easier for people to reduce waste. The reusable packaging is made from recyclable materials. If it is […]

Tiza Mafira

Executive DirEctor

Tiza has led Diet Plastik Indonesia, and co-founded it, since 2013. She feels grateful that the environmental law knowledge she learned in college can be used to make changes. In her spare time, Tiza enjoys making doll houses out of cardboard for her children and doing water sports. Tiza is an alumna of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (2002) and Harvard Law School (2010).

Tiza Mafira

Executive DirEctor

Tiza memimpin Dietplastik Indonesa, dan turut mendirikannya, sejak 2013. Ia merasa bersyukur ilmu hukum lingkungan yang dipelajarinya ketika kuliah dapat digunakan untuk membuat perubahan. Pada waktu senggang, Tiza senang membuat rumah boneka dari kardus untuk anak-anaknya dan melakukan olahraga air. Tiza adalah alumna Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia (2002) dan Harvard Law School (2010).