Implementation of Reuse Protocols at Music Festivals

To be able to start implementing the reuse system in public activities, Diet Plastik Indonesia has prepared a Reuse Protocol which is implemented at the music festival, IKLIM Fest. The implementation of this reuse protocol applies to visitors, event performers and food and beverage providers in collaboration with 3 reuse operators, namely Allas, Taksu and […]

Plastic Free Market

The Plastic Free Market is a program initiated by Diet Plastik Indonesia since 2019. This program encourages a reduction in the use of single-use plastic in people’s or traditional markets as a source of waste generation. This program contains activities such as preliminary research, workshops for traders, campaigns for consumers, and monitoring of ongoing programs. […]

Reuse Movement

The Reuse Movement is a program initiated by Diet Plastik Indonesia to create a reuse ecosystem as a solution to replace single-use plastic. This program started in Jakarta in collaboration with Zero Waste Living Lab by Enviu. This program aims to reduce single-use plastic from everyday products which is still a major problem, such as […]

Beach Cleanup

The beach cleanup activity on Jakarta’s coast aimed to expose the state of plastic waste in the ocean. Participants collected plastic waste in this beach cleanup activity based on its category to be managed according to its type. The beach cleanup also included an audit of the waste collected during the beach cleanup.

Freedom From Plastic

Dietplastik Indonesia, Atamerica, and Duanyam collaborated in campaigning purun bag products as an alternative to plastic bags. In this campaign activity, a social media challenge was carried out with the theme “Merdeka dari Plastik”, which invites audiences to watch together online the movie “The Story of Plastics” and upload content on social media regarding the […]


#KerenTanpaNyampah by The Body Shop Indonesia

Envirochallenge is an educational program that encourages students and school community members to identify environmental problems, especially plastic pollution, in their respective schools, and design programs as solutions. The program was initiated in collaboration between the United States Cultural Center in Jakarta @atamerica and Dietplastik Indonesia in 2016. Envirochallenge has engaged 50 high schools in […]

Petition #Pay4Plastic

The journey of efforts to limit single-use plastics was started by Dietplastik Indonesia through an online petition #pay4plastic that demanded the government to put a price on single-use plastic shopping bags. This petition was supported by more than 70,000 signatures of supporters, which was then responded by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry through the […]

Honda Trading Indonesia Collaboration

The collaboration program between Diet Plastik Indonesia and Honda Trading Indonesia was implemented to provide further understanding regarding the impact of single-use plastic use in office areas and explore what programs can be implemented within the Honda Trading Indonesia team. Activities include a plastic waste identification workshop in the Honda Trading Indonesia office area, placing […]

Patungan Besek

To coincide with Idul Adha 2020 and the Global Plastic Free July Campaign, Diet Plastik Indonesia collaborated with Studio Dapur, Disaster Heroes, and Ranah Bhumi to create the Besek Joint Venture initiative. This initiative aims to reduce the generation of plastic Waste produced by packaging sacrificial meat when it is distributed. This is also in […]

Tiza Mafira

Executive DirEctor

Tiza has led Diet Plastik Indonesia, and co-founded it, since 2013. She feels grateful that the environmental law knowledge she learned in college can be used to make changes. In her spare time, Tiza enjoys making doll houses out of cardboard for her children and doing water sports. Tiza is an alumna of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (2002) and Harvard Law School (2010).

Tiza Mafira

Executive DirEctor

Tiza memimpin Dietplastik Indonesa, dan turut mendirikannya, sejak 2013. Ia merasa bersyukur ilmu hukum lingkungan yang dipelajarinya ketika kuliah dapat digunakan untuk membuat perubahan. Pada waktu senggang, Tiza senang membuat rumah boneka dari kardus untuk anak-anaknya dan melakukan olahraga air. Tiza adalah alumna Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia (2002) dan Harvard Law School (2010).